Low Thyroid Function Quiz

Low Thyroid Function Quiz


It is estimated that 60 million Americans struggle with thyroid problems, could you be one of them?

Have you gained weight and can’t figure out why?
Do you have headaches in the morning that wear off as the day goes on?
Do you feel fatigued and need an excessive amount of sleep to function during the day?
Dry skin, itchy skin or dry and brittle hair?
Constipation (less than 7 bowel movements per week)?
Do you have a low body temperature or are you hypersensitive to cold weather?
Hair loss on your head or loss of the outer portion of your eyebrows?
Swelling around your ankles, wrists (may cause carpal tunnel syndrome), or around your face?
Are you getting sick often and when you get sick it takes a long time to recover?
Do you have a poor memory or feel your thinking has slowed down?

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