Food Allergy & Sensitivity Quiz

Food Allergy & Sensitivity Quiz


As many as 95% of Americans suffer from the symptoms of food sensitivity or intolerance and don’t know it. Food sensitivities slowly produce a variety of mild, annoying symptoms that may be difficult to notice at first but over time these symptoms can develop into bigger problems.

Do you have nasal congestion, an itching nose, or post nasal drip?
Frequently have heartburn, indigestion, reflux or burping?
Do you often experience abdominal pain, constipation, or itching of the rectum?
Headaches or Migraine Headaches?
Hives or skin itching and redness?
Earaches or do you hear a crackling or popping noise in the ears?
Joint pain and stiffness?
Depressed mood, irritability or anxiety?
Do your thoughts seem unfocused, do you have brain fog?

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