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Testimonials for Dr. Amanda Tracy, ND

“I received a recommendation from a friend to see Dr. Amanda Tracy, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) as I have been suffering from many digestive and intestinal issues.  Dr. Tracy is very knowledgeable and thorough and her recommendations for diet and supplement changes have resulted in noticeable improvements in just one month.
She was familiar with my condition, called “Leaky Gut Syndrome” which has been a struggle when seeking answers from traditional medicine – they don’t know what it is, or if they do, they don’t know how to effectively treat it.  Dr. Tracy has gone the extra mile to provide helpful recipes as well and I am very pleased with my treatment so far.

Thanks for all your help this year. It has made a world of difference for me!”—44 year old female, Tewksbury, MA

“Dr. Tracy, thank you so much!! I took the supplements yesterday and today and cannot believe how amazing I felt within the hour!”

“Advanced Health & Wellness is the BEST. I was educated on eating healthy and more. Also, the INFRARED sauna is a dream come true. Everyone needs to experience. They took this “non-believer” of holistic practice and turned me into a true believer.”

“Super people and services, wow! Massages, detox and whole health healing!”

“I would highly recommend Dr. Tracy to anyone looking to get and stay healthy naturally.”

“Dr. Tracy is as kind and personable as she is knowledgeable.”

“I appreciated her natural approach to boosting the body’s own defenses, while recognizing that western medicines do have a place.”

“Dr. Tracy has a vast knowledge and experience…I trust her like no other.”

“Dr. Tracy has solved health issues of mine that traditional doctors and specialists could not.”

“Dr. Tracy was the first person to sit down, really listen to my issues…”

“She has made it possible for me to regain the active lifestyle I had lost…”

“Her emphasis on getting to the root cause of my problems instead of just getting rid of symptoms makes perfect sense to me…”

General Health

 “Becoming a patient of Dr. Tracy has truly been a life-altering experience. Prior to meeting her, I spent over two years chronically ill and completely miserable with nothing but wrong answers and unnecessary prescriptions from previous “conventional” physicians. Dr. Tracy was the first person to sit down, really listen to my issues, then diagnose and treat my real health problems instead of masking my symptoms. She has made it possible for me to regain the active lifestyle I had lost and missed so much. My life wouldn’t be the same without her.”—LE, Chelmsford, MA

“Dr. Tracy is an incredible natural doctor with a level of expertise that is unsurpassed. She is an excellent listener, she hears the things that are required to make her recommendations and she is remarkably sensitive to the needs of her patients. Dr. Tracy has helped me, my family and many friends to address and resolve their health concerns in the most natural way. I would highly recommend Dr. Tracy to anyone looking to get and stay healthy naturally.”—SW, Boxford, MA

“Dr. Tracy has helped me with many health issues over the years including insomnia, fatigue, low energy, weight loss and detoxification. I am an avid consumer of alternative health information from both magazines and the internet and at times it can be overwhelming. Dr. Tracy is able to help me focus on what would be most helpful for my health. I enjoy working with her because her treatment plans are easy to follow and practical.”—ST, Woburn, MA

“I highly recommend Dr. Tracy for achieving optimal health. She has helped me gain control of my many health issues, from interstitial cystitis to hormonal problems. She has also helped my son, who has suffered from many ear infections; he has never been on an antibiotic thanks to Dr. Tracy. I take him to see her whenever he is sick. She is very knowledgeable and is able to thoroughly explain how and why things happen and work the way they do. Just remember that achieving health through natural means takes time. You have to give it a chance and be loyal to what she recommends.”—JD, Lawrence, MA

“It is easy to recommend Dr. Tracy because I am always singing her praises! She is as kind and personable as she is knowledgeable. Her understanding of human biology and physiology goes right to the cellular level. I am so impressed with her understanding of the systems of the body and how they work and interact. Dr. Tracy NEVER just throws recommendations of supplements at a problem. Instead, she takes the time to understand and interpret and learn all the necessary information to make an educated determination that is specific to the unique and complicated co-existing conditions of the patient. Her arsenal of go-to recommendations includes a consideration of all possible solutions, from standard supplements to such unusual suggestions as flower essence remedies. Dr. Tracy is always available to answer a question of clarification between appointments. I recommend her enthusiastically.”—NG, Ipswich, MA


 “I sought Dr. Amanda Tracy’s professional advice in 2009 when my son’s alleries/asthma weren’t controlled with 5 presciptions. She worked with me to boost his immune system naturally, while advising me to keep him on the medications. One year later, he was off all medications and simply taking natural supplements. I appreciated her natural approach to boosting the body’s own defenses, while recognizing that western medicines do have a place.

In 2010, I sought her advice again. My son had been exhibiting a lack of focus that was interfering with his school work and life in general. His teacher recommended ADHD drugs; his doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. After some bloodwork, Dr. Tracy recommended some food substitutions. She said his body wasn’t tolerating certain foods. Within 2 months of changing his diet, it was as if my son woke up. He is now focused and much healthier. I whole-hearted recommend Dr. Amanda Tracy. She takes the time to listen, to respect your medical journey, and provide natural solutions for your body.”—MS, Sterling, MA

“My 8 year old son had been diagnosed by his pediatrician to have attention deficit disorder. Medication and behavior modification were given as options for a treatment plan. After a great deal of thought, we decided to take a more natural approach.

Dr. Tracy suggested having his tested for food sensitivities. As it turned out, the tests came back positive. We modified his diet and included supplements to help heal his intestines. In just these past few months we have seen much improvement in his attentiveness at school.”—AC, Andover, MA

“She has helped my younger son with eliminating years of Asthma, eczema and identified and clear all his food allergies. My son is completely inhaler free from “Advair/Albuterol” for the past 2 years. Fantastic! Dr. Tracy is a genuine and caring person that listens to her patients and uses preventive care to helping them through serious health issues. She has a vast knowledge and experience in biology and biochemistry, whole food nutrition, detoxification, women health and more…I trust her like no other. I highly recommend Dr.Tracy.”—CB, Plaistow, NH

“I saw many doctors with my 4 year old boy. He suffered from asthma, food allergies and digestive problems. When we saw Dr. Tracy he had lost 6 pounds, suffered strong stomach pain after each food intake, constant ear infections, lack of appetite and abnormal weight loss. He was facing a colon biopsy, colonoscopy, ultrasounds, and more at such a short age! I was very scared.

After 3 months under her care, without any invasive treatment, he has gained 8 pounds, he is completely off the inhaler, he is eating with not even one episode of stomachache. He is finally a healthy child!

Dr. Tracy knew exactly what was happening and how to address it, and was very clear explaining everything to me, his new diet, medications, supplements, etc. I totally support the power of healing through nutrition and witness the miracle of the body’s self healing everyday, thanks to her knowledge!”—MO, North Andover, MA


 “I had been a long time sufferer of seasonal allergies every year and after consulting with Dr. Tracy I learned that my frequent stomach aches and nausea may be related to my allergy symptoms. While my runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes were my primary concern, I was happy that after following her plan of dietary changes, vitamins and supplements that my digestive problems also went away.”—DS, Reading, MA 

Autoimmune Disease

“Dr. Amanda Tracy is treating me for Ankylosing Spondylitis, as well as perimenopausal symptoms. She diagnosed digestive and hormonal imbalances, and food allergies. Testing was simple, done at home, and non- invasive. I am healing and steadily improving without prescription drugs.

Dr. Tracy really listens to her patients and responds with clear written instructions along with her advice. She has solved health issues of mine that traditional doctors and specialists could not. There is no way to put a value on the relief she has given me- solving the mystery of those disruptive and painful symptoms.”—MB, Haverhill, MA

Cardiovascular Health

 “As a lifelong “healthy” guy (marathon runner) who has always worked out frequently, it was a real shock when I suffered a heart attack in 2004.  At the time of the heart attack, I had been taking medication for high cholesterol for the previous two years and had my “numbers” well within the proper levels (under 180 total cholesterol).  It was after the heart attack that I decided to find the cause of my problems and cure those problems naturally, rather than continue just masking symptoms with medicines.  Dr. Tracy has been a tremendous resource for information and guidance in helping me restore my body to its proper balance so that my energy levels are high and I am at significantly lower risk for a recurrence of the heart condition.  Her emphasis on getting to the root cause of my problems instead of just getting rid of symptoms makes perfect sense to me and leaves me wondering why the heck “real” doctors don’t see the logic of such a philosophy.”—DJ, Haverhill, MA


 “I first visited Dr. Tracy at Advanced Health & Wellness because of high glucose and low zinc status diagnosed by my blood tests. Dr. Tracy took the time to carefully review and explain the cause of my diagnoses and list of symptoms that I had brought to her office. After leaving her office, I started taking the recommended dosage of supplements and my energy has improved. I feel my overall health is constantly improving.”—JS, Cambridge, MA

Digestive Health

“Thank you for you for your advice on how to stop diarrhea for my dad. It worked! I can’t tell you how relieved I was and how much I trust your judgment.”—JS, Andover, MA