Lynette De Innocentis, LMT


Lynette De Innocentis initially began her training in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 1994 where she became fascinated with the human mind and the connection between the mind and the body. From a young age she always had a “sense” of how people felt and would empathically and unconsciously try to help everyone she met work through various life challenges.

Following the advice of her mother, she then went on to further educate herself in as many healing modalities as she could to help her serve those in need of healing. She completed her certification in Wellness and Healing Arts and Reiki III at North Shore Community College in 2001. From this introduction to many different forms of healing modalities, she went on to intern at the renown Prana Health and Yoga Center and began a 10 year mentorship with Charles and Shay Cooper of Unified Body Therapies. It was from this mentorship that she then studied Anusara yoga at the Anahata yoga center in North Hampton and taught yoga for 12 years.

Through yoga instruction she further developed a profound respect and reverence for the human body and in 2002 enrolled at The Palmer Institute for massage and bodywork. There she studied and achieved certifications in massage and reflexology. She also met her husband of 12 years and love of her life, Jeff. After graduation she began working at many different massage clinics and spas and learned that in order to make the impact that she wanted to – she needed to concentrate her focus in just one place. Here is when she began working in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Pollock at Advanced Health and Wellness in North Andover in 2004. This is also where she met Dr. Amanda Tracy and Laurie Leyne.

The next ten years were spent teaching yoga and working in massage, honing the skills and techniques that she learned from her extensive schooling and incredible mentors. She started to become aware of clients experiencing profound emotional shifts as a result of working through physical discomfort, chronic pain and injury. Being that her background was in Psychology, and again following the advice of her mother, she enrolled at the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness in 2012 in order to achieve her counseling certification. Shortly after this her mother was diagnosed with early onset alzheimers disease.

Lynette became a primary caregiver to her mother which set her training on a detour in order for her to care for her biggest mentor and guide until her mother’s sudden passing in 2015. She took her time to grieve and regroup and completed her certification in Alternative Holistic Psychology in 2016. Shortly following this she completed her training as a Reiki master through Clear and Now Healing under the training of David Eyerman.

Lynette is passionate and committed to serving her clients in healing. She is dedicated to learning and always evolving as a healer, therapist and guide. And she is infinitely grateful for the opportunity to do so.


BS in Psychology Umass Lowell 1998

Reiki III Certification NSCC 1999

Wellness and Healing Arts Certification NSCC 2001

Massage and Reflexology Certification

Palmer Institiute of Massage and Body Work 2003

Alternative Holistic Psychology Natl’l Board Certification

American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness 2016

Reiki Master Certification Clear and Now Healing 2016

Testimonials for Lynette De Innocentis, LMT

“Lynette De Innocentis has been an invaluable source of wellness and healing for three members of our family. She is a consummate professional trained in reiki, reflexology and massage. She uses these modalities either individually or in a combination of two or all three depending on our needs.

I initially explored this form of healing because of digestive and stomach issues, which I believed to be linked to stress and anxiety, as well as diet. My daughter also started seeing her after a severe case of mono left her immune system weakened. The sessions are completely relaxing. Lynette is a warm, nurturing and skilled, listener and healer. Over time, I have had tremendous improvement in my digestive issues and more importantly in my mental well being. I find I sleep much more deeply following a treatment and am much more aware of my dreams. My daughter and I both find that we have more mental clarity and feel an overall general feeling of good health.

My husband suffered with back pain for several months after an injury. He made several attempts at physical therapy and different recommended approaches to help relieve his pain. I finally convinced him to go see Lynette. After the very first visit, he felt tremendous relief and left with specific information on the muscle most affected and additional stretches he could do on his own between visits. Although he is not completely healed, it is the most relief he has had since he injured it. I am happy to say we have all made our visits to Lynette a standard part of our routine health maintenance.”—B.F., North Andover, MA

“I have been coming to see Lynette for a few years now. After 27 surgeries, 3 joint replacements, and with arthritis everywhere, I need all the help I can get! I have a standing weekly appointment for a massage, and no lie, it is my favorite evening of the week. I can be tired, or in pain, or stressed over work (usually all 3), and Lynette is always able to help me feel better. She has extraordinary gifts of perception and empathy – when I walk in the door she immediately senses how I’m feeling, and works with me to tailor that visit to provide just what I need. Lynette is also a sweet, wonderful woman with fabulous mothering instincts who genuinely loves being able to bring people comfort. Lynette keeps me going, and I am hugely grateful!”—Rich, Andover, MA